Eligibility Criteria For the UPSC Civil Services Examinations

Eligibility Criteria For the UPSC Civil Services Examinations
Eligibility Criteria For the UPSC Civil Services Examinations

Cracking the prestigious IAS examination is a goal that the large number of Indians dream of. Often most intelligent people miss out the right opportunity. This is attributed to the fact that a large number of people are not aware of the eligibility and similar requirements of the job profile. Similarly, the understanding of the above can be crucial to your success.

Eligibility Criteria for UPSC Examination

Age Limit For the Examination –

  • For general candidates – Upper age limit is pegged at 32 years. Maximum number of attempts are 6
  • For OBC candidates, the relaxation in age is of 3 years. Maximum number of attempts are 9
  • UPSC examination eligibility – SC and ST candidates get relaxation is of 5 years. Maximum number of attempts are unlimited

Educational Requirements For the IAS Examination –

Educational Requirements For the IAS Examination
  • Likewise, the minimum qualification for this examination is graduation.
  • Anyone with a degree from recognized universities is valid.
  • Such universities must be established by central or state government
  • Moreover, such a university can similarly be established by an act of parliament
  • Similarly, a deemed institute under the act of 1956 or its equivalent legislation

Nationality –

  • An IAS examination applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • They can also be citizens of Nepal or Bhutan. However must have moved to India before 1962 and be permanent resident of India
  • Persons of Indian origin are also eligible for the examination. Such citizens must have migrated alternatively from Malawi, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Zaire, Pakistan and have settled down permanently in the nation

Fitness for Civil Services Preparation

Fitness for Civil Services Preparation

For the civil Services examinations and beyond, one needs to be physically and mentally fit. The civil services preparation demands lot of responsibility. For this the officer needs to be in best condition.

Likewise, these IAS officers need to be highly agile and fit. This is important to handle the affairs of the government. Such candidates need to be highly fit both physically and mentally eligible for the best results.

Such a person should be able to handle the affairs of state using policies and procedures for the benefit of the community. One may need to travel to new places. Moreover, timely supervision is necessary to handle the crucial affairs of the nation.

Answerability –

The job of IAS officer is being answerable to both parliament as well as legislation. In case of default, the rules and regulations must be followed at different stages of career growth.

The Indian Civil Services examinations are available in starting from the elite IAS cadre. The union public service commission or UPSC examination is Furthermore used for filling up the jobs for 24 similar Services.

Perks Associated With the Services

Perks Associated With the Services

First of all, it is prestigious to be an officer of the elite IAS force. The same is given administrative work in the form of District Collector.

They represent the government of the country at both national and international levels. The multilateral and bilateral affairs are taken care of by the force.


Students should not leave any preparation incomplete when it arrives to the civil services preparation.

There exist numerous people who wish to work for cracking the IAS examination. The motivation is usually the esteemed position offered by the profile.

The principal idea of civil services preparation is to be in sync with the active realities. Furthermore, the same is useful for getting best results in the examination. It will help you with getting yourself develop to the best version of yourself each day.

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