Everything You Need To Understand About The IAS And Civil Services Examinations

Civil Services Examinations
Civil Services Examinations

The union public service commission (UPSC) conducted IAS examination is one of the toughest Examinations in the country. It is definitely one of the toughest ones to crack. At the leading IAS coaching institutes in New Delhi, you get the right training and knowledge to write the examination.

These coaching institutions prepare you for the UPSC Civil Services examinations. Each year the examination is conducted by the UPSC Civil Services examinations board. This board executes 24 more such elite administrative examinations through the process.

Joining The Best UPSC Civil Services Examinations Academy In New Delhi

The elite IAS examination academies in New Delhi is topped by the Elite IAS coaching academy. It is one of the top 10 elite IAS academy in Delhi.

Moreover, the examination patterns for the examination and the UPSC IAS examination is extremely tough one. Further, the process is highly challenging. A candidate who wishes to appear for the UPSC IAS examination has to pass through the prelims followed by the mains examination. This process is subsequently followed by the interview session.

Understanding the Examination Pattern

Understanding the Examination Pattern

The UPSC IAS examination covers varied topics and syllabus. However, general studies examination is vast. Furthermore, the same holds a Lion’s share in the final UPSC examinations. The process needs you to subsequently join preliminary and mains results.

Paper 1 of UPSC CSE Examination

In case of paper 1, the preliminary Examination has general studies and CSAT. Furthermore, topics and subjects like those mentioned below are taken up –

  • History of India
  • Politics
  • Geography
  • Constitution of India
  • Economic policies
  • Social development
  • Ecology
  • Environment and related issues
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • General science

Paper 2 of UPSC CSE Examination

In case of paper 2, the preliminary Examination has the comprehensive evaluation criteria. Furthermore, topics and subjects like those mentioned below are taken up –

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical approach
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding of tables, graphs and charts
  • Basic mathematics
  • Decision making skills

The Mains Examination of IAS

The Mains Examination of IAS

The general studies examination for the mains part of the UPSC Civil Services is designed to help candidates. Such a case is important to get the best results in the long term. A candidate must be able to speak, write and communicate the thoughts in a clear manner.

As a result of the same, the examination is taken in both English and Hindi language. It may include the following-

  • Essay writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension passage
  • Translation of English to regional language alternatively, vice versa
  • Precis writing

The syllabus may be changed at any point of time and same may be communicated to the others.

Additional Information About the Examination

Additional Information About the Examination

Paper 1

The examination has questions of class 10 level or equivalent. This is designed to help as a an easy filter. As a result of the same, a maximum of aspirants are able to clear the examination. Here a large number of people qualify for the examination but few get a call for the mains examination.

Paper 2

Paper 2 covers the topics for general studies. These include the following points-

  • Indian heritage
  • Current society
  • Ancient history
  • Culture of India
  • History of World
  • Medieval India
  • Post Independence history of India
  • Role of women in society
  • Feature of Indian society
  • Globalization and its problems
  • Development of India and the problems
  • Urbanization and its problems
  • Diversity of nation
  • Impact of geophysical factors on society
  • Impact of various factors on local Flora and fauna

 All these topics are therefore essential to the success in IAS examinations. One must have access to the right reading and learning material for the right results.


Although the IAS examination is tough yet it is not entirely impossible to crack. Use the best strategy for preparing for the examination and getting the best results. Joining a good UPSC coaching institute can also prove to be a boon in the long run.

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