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How to Prepare Notes for Political Science Optional?

Notes for Political Science Optional: Political science is one of the optional subjects in the UPSC Mains exam; this subject is considered a popular one as it is a scoring subject. Many toppers who have cleared the UPSC chose Political science as their optional subject in the Mains category.

Political science is believed to be the necessary and most informative subject in the Civil service exam, candidate must know in detail about this subject to become a civil servant of India.

Selection of optional subject:

The main key to selecting the optional subject in UPSC is the interest of the candidate and the availability of the study material. You must not just blindly choose any optional subject as it may become difficult for you to study without proper knowledge. You will be given an option of 48 subjects to select from.

Do a proper study and analysis before making your selection. Speak to your professors and friends who have already appeared for the UPSC exam. They are the best point of contact for this particular advice. 

There has to be the latest and good study material available either online or offline just in case you opt for the online mode of coaching. 

Advantages of Political science as UPSC optional: 

Candidates willing to join All India Civil Service must be well aware of the basic and advanced Fundamentals of Political sciences. Before going to the strategies for preparing notes on this subject let’s discuss a few advantages: 

  • Political science optional is one of the main subjects of the UPSC Mains exam.
  • The next advantage is that political science is covered in both Prelims and Mains hence candidates can save time and energy while preparing for other subjects.
  • Political science is a non-technical subject, so the candidate can easily cover the topics and comprehend it even if he is not from the same background.
  • The concepts of this subject are simple and general, people who are in regular touch with current affairs and news can understand the topics well.
  • Due to the latest developments in the syllabus, the factual scenarios have been deleted making the content much easier to elaborate in your language.  

Preparation of notes:

Political science paper is divided into two papers and every paper has two parts- sections A and B. For scoring in this subject, the candidate must be well versed in current affairs. Many sections have direct questions on the latest developments. 

There are many trusted and dependable sources like government magazines, newspapers, and radio which provide you will all the updates. As the basis is strong you can easily write lengthy answers for the same.

Checking on the study material and making own notes is proven to be beneficial for political science. If you pay attention to the news on daily basis you can grab half of the knowledge easily.

Taking mock tests and solving previous year’s papers will improve your level of confidence and give you a chance to manage your time while solving the paper. 

Tips for writing Political science:

  • One important point to remember is writing answers in UPSC is crucial. Even if you are a bookworm and still not able to put answers correctly then you are at a loss. 
  • It is very essential that you learn some literacy skills to catch the attention of the examiner. The answers must be informative and descriptive but not lagging. 
  • Always try to use facts to represent your thought in the Mains paper. 
  • Using technical words will be very helpful as they give a professional look to your answers.
  • Try to use quotations while referring to the scholar’s views in your explanations making them look more genuine.
  • Mention points that relate to the current political perspectives and scenarios.
  • While attempting some serious and debatable topics also use four C’s- comparison, criticism, and contemporary and the last is the conclusion. 
  • Make sure to give examples that are relevant and genuine. 

For clearing the UPSC exams one must undergo a lot of hard work and training. The best way is to take coaching from the top coaching centers where you will be given proper study material, experts will be there to solve the doubts, and most important is a constant motivation. 

Without encouragement and motivation, candidates find it very difficult to sustain themselves till the end. There are a lot of people who quit in the middle after going through stress and negativity. As you are aware, cracking the UPSC exam is no joke, it is one of the toughest competitive exams in India.

Owing to the hard work and preparation candidates go through during their training period government of India has given them special powers and benefits after they are selected for a particular post. 

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