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Let’s Discuss How to Make Notes for the UPSC Examination?

Notes for the UPSC Examination: Union Public Service Commission conducts competitive exams for All India Civil Services. These exams and considered one of the toughest for the most prestigious posts in the Indian government. 

These exams are attempted by lakhs of candidates from all over India every year. However, only a small percentage of them can crack the Civil Service exams. In this article, we will learn how to study for the exam and what tips you need to follow for covering most of the syllabus. 

You cannot pass the UPSC exam by just being a bookworm; there are a whole lot of practical scenarios which will require attention while preparing for the test. The candidate must be physically, mentally and practically fit for the post he is applying for. 

The final stage of UPSC will be the interview process wherein the candidate will be assessed for his personality, behavior, and knowledge. For this, you must undergo full training and development. The main key will be to keep you updated with the latest trends about the Indian government. 

Preparation Tips: Notes for the UPSC Examination

We will discuss in detail how and where to keep your focus while preparing for the UPSC exams.

  • Prepare yourself for the new journey: the first stage of any new intention will be self-preparation. You must be fully prepared for what you will be facing in the future. It is no joke attempting for USPC exams, there goes in a lot of hard work and commitment throughout the period. You must be mentally stable to cope with the stress and physically fit too. Preparing yourself will require understanding how the exam will take place, what are categories need to be covered, etc. The UPSC pattern is like the exam will be conducted in three phases namely: the Prelims, Mains, and Interview. 
  • Prepare a timetable: this routine will be really helpful if you follow it strictly, making time table doesn’t mean you must be harsh on yourself. Try to make a comfortable schedule initially just to adapt to the new change. Then gradually you can shift to more rigorous training. Focus on deadlines so that you can cover most of the topics on time. 
  • UPSC syllabus: Now coming to the syllabus of the UPSC exam, it is the soul of the exam. You must be thorough with the syllabus, sort it out in terms of easy topics and tough topics so that you can take coaching for the tougher subjects beforehand. Now that everything is available on the internet, you can find plenty of sources who will help you with the subjects online. 
  • Making Notes: This is a very important part of the preparation, for making notes you must be thorough with the current affairs, latest developments, and news. For this, you must study the modules as well as magazines, newsletters, and newspapers regularly. The questions asked in the exam will be both direct and indirect hence the candidate is required to be thorough in every field. 
  1. Optional: the optional marks are 500 marks in UPSC finals, hence make sure to select the optional wisely after looking for its advantages and disadvantages. 
  2. Interest in the subject: You must select the subject in which you have an interest. It will be easy for understanding and maintain interest all around the time. 
  3. Coaching: taking coaching is very essential, as you cannot pass the UPSC exam on your own. There has to be guidance and supervision to help you be motivated and keep going. 
  4. NCERTs: Reading NCERTs books are proven to be beneficial in clearing the Civil service exam. You can study theories and basic concepts from these books. 
  5. Making notes for all the important topics will help you in remembering and recollecting simultaneously. Prepare notes for both practical work and theory. It will be easy for you to refer to the last moments before attempting the exam.
  • Solving previous papers: By reading and understanding the previous year’s papers candidates will get motivation and the fear of exams will reduce. You can feel a boost in your confidence level if you try to solve the old papers. 
  • Mock Test series: Taking self-assessments to help in learning from your mistakes. It will give you an idea of how to approach the questions and keep up with the time. It is strongly recommended to go for mock test series particularly when you spend most of your time at home. This will only help you move ahead of any obstacles. 

Notes for the UPSC Examination : Following the above tips and patterns will surely help you in clearing the UPSC exam. Remember consistency is the key to success, there will be times when you feel like quitting but be sure to move forward to achieve your goals. 

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