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Preparation Strategies Adopted for Economics Optional

Strategies Economics Optional: UPSC exam is considered one of the most difficult exams for candidates appearing for Civil service posts in India. The candidates go through intense training and coaching at the top coaching centers to crack the UPSC examinations. 

Candidates find difficulty in completing the syllabus for optional subjects. Out of all Economics is also the most selected optional in UPSC. Although it is not as popular as other subjects but candidates with economics history or who have an interest choose this subject for continuing their passion. 

Exam Pattern:  Strategies Economics Optional

The UPSC exam for all the posts are conducted in three stages:

The Prelims: This is the first stage wherein the candidates are given multiple type questions to answer. This phase is more like an objective type making it the candidates easy to score for the test. This will help in building up confidence and overcoming the fear of UPSC exams. However, the marks scored in this stage will not be added to the final total but the candidate must clear this phase. 

Mains Exam: This is the next stage and very crucial stage of UPSC exams. The main exam covers the written part where your literacy skills and comprehension skills are assessed. You will be given different subjects to study and write the exam for. The choice will be yours to select the optional subject depending on your interest. Once you crack this stage, the next will be the Interview. 

Interview: In the interview process, a set of panel members will assess your personality and behavior. Make sure to dress up accordingly for the interview to make a good impression. Be calm and relaxed, think before answering any question. 

Once the candidate clears all the three stages of exams he will be selected as the official for the particular post he has applied for. The government will give him intense training at the training center to give him practical as well as theoretical knowledge. 

Optional Subjects:

Candidates must choose only those optional subjects which he finds interest in, this way he can learn what he likes. The optional selection has a major impact on the overall score. Before making a selection, make sure to study the subject and check for the study material. 


Economics is an interesting subject and is selected by those candidates who are more interested in current affairs. Economics is considered the most scoring subject of UPSC. Candidates with a previous background in economics have done well in the exams as per the latest survey.

Economics is more of a technical subject and at the same time, it can be relatable to current times. However, as it is more technical knowledge candidates must prepare for it through special strategies and methods. 

The preparation time can vary from individual to individual; to start one must take time to understand the syllabus thoroughly. 

Preparation Strategy for Economics optional:

Strategies Economics Optional: There are many ways through which candidates can grab knowledge like coaching centers, newspapers, magazines, online classes, group study, and study material. People who are new to this subject find it difficult to cope with the stress hence without panicking they must start from scratch. For this NCERT books will be very helpful as they give you basic information about Economics.

When the base is excellent, the advanced syllabus can be understood easily. 

Working on Basics: As mentioned above, NCERT books are very valuable for basics. Apart from this taking coaching will help you understand the subject better. When an expert explains the basic concepts you will remember them forever. 

Upgrading knowledge: As a UPSC aspirant, you must always be ready to read and keep yourself updated with current affairs and the latest changes in the policies and schemes. Candidates must always read newspapers, magazines and be in touch with daily news. It is believed that there are few questions directly asked on current affairs.

Making Notes: Economics is such a subject that it requires more technical points and keys to remember. To keep you focused and to cover important points this step is very essential.

Practicing previous papers: UPSC Mains is basically for writing lengthy answers. You must have the art of expressing your thoughts beautifully in front of the examiner. Hence when you practice papers you will get an idea of how to frame the answers. In terms of Economics, you will have to be on point explaining the concepts clearly.

Time management: Time management is very crucial; you must get an idea of how to divide the time for covering the whole question paper. Economics is although a scoring subject but is vast in the syllabus. With the proper revision, you will get the right time management too. Economics optional is both the combination of dynamic and static sections.

With the above tips and strategies, you will surely crack the Economics Optional.

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