The Role Played by the Mobile Apps in the Preparation for the IAS Exam

IAS Exam
IAS Examination

The role played by the mobile apps in the preparation for the IAS Exam can be a decisive one.   However, finalizing the right kind of the app for none other than the Civil Services Exam can be a confusing exercise. But the expert and experienced faculty at a competent IAS Coaching Academy in Delhi can guide you choose the right kind of the app.

Though you might come across various mobile apps, it is always in the best of the interests of an IAS aspirant to opt for the right one. And again, do not mar the probability of successfully cracking the IAS Exam simply because of lack of awareness concerning which of the apps would be the most useful.

Seek guidance. Proper guidance helps to keep all the confusions at bay. And almost all of the IAS aspirants prefer getting enrolled at an IAS Coaching Intitute in Delhi for the same. So, why not seek the faculty’s advice concerning the learning apps as well?

Some of the Best Mobile Apps to Choose From

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You may search for and download some of the competent Apps from the Internet. However, here is a list of some of the most competent Mobile Apps that might help you finalize the best one for yourself.

1. Unacademy:

Mobile Apps in the Preparation for the IAS Exam: It is amongst the largest learning initiative available online. What makes it almost flawlessly competent is that it’s run by none other than the Toppers for the Civil Services Exam. They chose to resign from the Indian Administrative Services in order to guide the IAS aspirants.

The institution functioning online provides video lectures as per the requirements of the Civil Services Exam held by the Union Public Service Commission year after year. Besides, you would find some of the best educators across the country on board including the Governor of Pondicherry, Kiran Bedi. She has also been the first woman IPS officer in India. The video lectures provided by Unacademy include a varying range of topics covering the syllabus that the Union Public Service Commission prescribes for the Civil Services Exam.

2. Mrunal:

It’s a Mobile App that provides competently designed study material for the Civil Services Exam. The App makes use of the video lectures and a linear format. In the recent past spanning over quite a few years, the App has been quite popular among the IAS aspirants preparing for the CSE. The response of the candidates to the App has simply been overwhelming for Mrunal has been helping the examinees crack the CSE successfully. Besides, the App provides free learning. And it’s worth noting that there have been candidates who have cleared the CSE successfully using the app to prepare for the same.

3. Civilsdaily:

The App is highly useful when it comes to prepare for the Current Affairs for the IAS Exam. The app provides with a comprehensive knowledge for the Current Affairs, apart from the News Updates. The candidates are also well equipped by means of various published Flashcards known as the Newscards. The Cards appear daily on the App and are highly effective for the IAS Exam preparation.

The App Civilsdaily offers a News Roundup with a user friendly interface. Apart from being comprehensive, the Roundup helps add the preparation for the General Studies both for the Prelims and the Mains, CSE to a great extent.

4. IASbaba:

It is known to have a vision to enable even the candidates at the remotest of the remote locations to crack the IAS Exam with the prestigious AIR 1. The App focuses on the qualities comprising being innovative, analytical and smart while opting for the right kind of the learning approach to prepare for the CSE.

It should be noted that the App has been an initiative by the Alumni of the premier Indian institutions including the IIT and IIM. Besides, it is also supported by various Civil Servants functioning as successful IAS and IRS officers when it comes to seek guidance for the smartest of the smart strategies to prepare for the CSE.

5. The Hindu:

The Newspaper App is the most useful one for the preparation of the IAS Exam. Besides being the most beneficial, it also serves to provide a rapid and gainful glance at the Current Affairs at the National and International platform. Moreover, it is noteworthy that apart from the App, The Hindu as the newspaper is the most widely read one by the IAS aspirants. It is highly applicable to the preparation for the entire CSE beginning with the Prelims, covering the Mains and finally culminating with the Interview.

6. Insights on India:

As the very name suggests, the App helps the IAS aspirants gain an insight into the Current Affairs comprising the daily news apart from the crucially important events on a daily basis. Here is what the App provides:

  • Competent Editorials providing sharp insight into the Current Affairs
  • Online Quiz for the Current Affairs on the daily basis
  • Apart from most of the perspectives that are pertinent to the Current Affairs in order to prepare competently for the IAS Exam.

7. Knowlez:

It’s a quiz app for the general knowledge helping the IAS aspirants to prepare competently for the Civil Services Exam. The quiz is provided on the daily basis. Besides, there are also the solutions for the subjects covering the General Studies and the Current Affairs.

Conclusion: Mobile Apps in the Preparation for the IAS Exam

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Being techno savvy is a great advantage when it comes to prepare for an Exam, specifically the IAS Exam. Apart from searching and downloading information from the Internet, making use of the Mobile Apps makes the preparation for the Exam much easier and interesting than what it would have been otherwise.

However, the point to be noted is that you should choose for the app carefully. But, if you choose the mobile app well, you would undoubtedly find yourself in a highly advantageous condition for the app would make the preparation far easier than what it would have been otherwise.


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