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Top 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi 2020

Ranks for the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi stand changed since UPSC declared the results for the Civil Services Exam 2018. The Union Public Service Commission offers several cadres apart from IAS, but the point to be noted is that it is the Indian Administrative Services that attracts the majority of the Civil Services aspirants.

Why join an IAS Coaching Institution in the first place itself?

The majority of the IAS aspirants often wonder if it is mandatory to opt for an IAS coaching in Delhi institution in order to clear the Civil Services Exam. The truth is that a coaching institution does make it quite easier for you to prepare for the Exam than what it would have been otherwise. There are a number of the complexities that are simplified by the coaching institution that a candidate is enrolled at.

The coaching provided at a competent IAS coaching institution usually includes the preparation strategy for the IAS Exam in its complete entirety. It comprises the study material, test series, query solving sessions, mentorship and what not!

Thus, it is worth noting that if you attend the coaching sessions at one of the top 10 IAS coaching in Delhi 2020 institutions, the probability of your beating the entire competition in the Civil Services Exam and joining the Indian Administrative Services is heightened far beyond your own expectations!

Why does the search for the best IAS coaching institution leave the majority perplexed?

It is far from being an easy task to finalize the best IAS coaching in Delhi in order to equip yourself with the best possible coaching available. A considerable majority of the IAS aspirants visit Delhi from all across the nation to prepare for the Civil Services Exam.

First of all, they are new to the capital. Besides, they find a huge number of the coaching institutions mushrooming all over the capital. As a result, the greater the effort that they make to find the best coaching institution, the more confused they are! And it’s only natural for them to feel so for every coaching institution that they visit claims itself to be the best one

Tips to Help You Choose the Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi.

Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi

With a rapid surge in the popularity of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, various IAS Coaching Institutions have mushroomed all across Delhi and NCR. And what adds to the confusion of the minds of the candidates is that each of the coaching Academy claims itself to be the best.

And most of the IAS coaching institutions often claim that they would transform almost any IAS aspirant into a successful IAS officer. However, not all the candidates who get themselves enrolled at a coaching institution are able to clear the IAS Exam.

If you look at the statistics, you will find a huge difference in between the number of the IAS aspirants applying for the Civil Services Exam every year and the number of the people who are finally selected by the Union Public Service Commission.

And the point to be noted is that an IAS aspirant should never allow himself to fall a prey to the marketing gimmicks of the coaching institutions. However, making a few considerations always helps an IAS aspirant make the right choice while finalizing an IAS coaching institution for himself.


Knowledgeable faculty members with considerable experience always score an edge over their counterparts who are experts of their subjects, but do not have a good experience. Experience of teaching the IAS aspirants does count. The experienced teachers do have a better understanding of all the UPSC requirements concerning the Civil Services Exam.

Besides, experience makes the faculty members opt for the most suitable strategies to take care of all the changes produced by UPSC (whenever there are any) in the Exam pattern and the UPSC syllabus. As a result, it helps the students gain an edge over the competition.

Past Results

The results from the past years often help to show a true picture of how successful the coaching institution has been. Apart from the total number of the students successfully clearing the IAS Exam, a candidate should also focus on the total number of the candidates who have been among the high rankers. It is one of the best criteria while opting for the best IAS coaching institutions in Delhi.


Most of the IAS coaching institutions charge a considerable sum as the fee. However, the point to be noted is that the candidate should make sure that he gets value for money. That is to say that the IAS coaching institution that you are contemplating to get enrolled at should be coaching you in a manner so that you clear the Civil Services Exam successfully.


Location is one of the crucially important factors while you opt for an IAS coaching institution.  A majority of the IAS aspirants visit Delhi year after from all over India to prepare for the Civil Services Exam.  Needless to say, they are required to find a suitable accommodation for themselves, first of all. And if the IAS coaching institution opted for by the candidates is closer to the accommodation, it helps to save the time and the energy for you will not have to travel a long distance for the sake of attending classes.

Study Material

The candidates should make it sure that the IAS coaching institution they opt for provides them with a flawlessly qualitative study material. The entire content should be updated as and when required as per the requirements of the UPSC syllabus and the Exam pattern.


Talk to the current students to find the exact status of the coaching provided at the institution. The feedback from the alumni is the most genuine certificate you may ever get to be sure of the quality of the coaching provided at the coaching institution.


The self research is something that always provides you with a first-hand experience on your journey towards success. Apart from all the factors that have been listed above, a first-hand experience certainly proves to be logically convincing as per the human psyche.

The Top 10 of the Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

The truth is that there is no dearth of the highly competent IAS Coaching in Delhi. But, in case, the best ones are shortlisted, it gets easier for you to find the most suitable one for yourself. (However, the IAS aspirants may also opt for the online IAS coaching, if they so feel like due to some reason or another.)

The list for the top 10 IAS coaching in Delhi as specified below also encompasses quite a few of other inter-related queries that often bewilder the IAS aspirants. You would discover the solutions to most of your queries as you go on reading ..

The list given below is based on a number of features including:

  1. The previous years’ achievements
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Batch strength
  4. Expertise and experience of the faculty
  5. Students’ feedback

1. Elite IAS Academy

Elite IAS Academy - Best IAS Coaching in Delhi India
Elite IAS Academy – Best IAS Coaching in Delhi India

A Prestigious IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

The IAS coaching institution that tops the list, holding the rank number 1 is as described below:

The Academy is facilitated by none other than Kiren Rijiju, (Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India) for the sake of imparting flawlessly competent IAS coaching in Delhi to the Civil Services aspirants. The institution was founded by the eminent teacher of Sociology, Mr. Bibhash Sharma in 2012. He is widely recognized as one of the best teachers of Sociology known for shaping the careers of hundreds of the Civil Services aspirants.

The Academy provides the Best IAS coaching in Delhi to the Civil Services aspirants. The institution prides itself on a team of faculty that is not only highly qualified, but also well versed with all the requirements of teaching for the IAS Exam because of considerable experience.

What differentiates Elite IAS Academy from most of the IAS coaching institutions is that almost all of the faculty members have faced the UPSC Interview. As a result, they are keenly focussed on their goal to equip the students in a manner so that they crack the IAS Exam in the first attempt itself.

Besides, the Academy opts for an approach that is highly practical. All of the faculty members are to abide by a checklist finalized by the management. And it’s yet another aspect that differentiates Elite IAS Academy from others making it the leading name in the field of IAS coaching.

Apart from the class room coaching sessions, the Academy also offers online coaching for IAS including the Online Video courses and the Correspondence Course with flawlessly competent study material.

All of the courses provided by the Elite IAS Academy are interactive in nature. That is to say, even if you opt for the Correspondence Course, you are allowed to interact with the faculty members in order to get your doubts cleared. It’s a remarkable feature of the Elite IAS Academy for no other IAS coaching in Delhi provides the facility to interact with the faculty members to the students opting for distance learning programmes.

There are numerous feathers in the cap of the Elite IAS Academy. Quite a considerable number of the students from the Academy have been cracking the Civil Services Exam. And the great achievement speaks volumes for the Academy.

Elite IAS Coaching Features

  1. Weekend classes are provided to the working professionals.
  2. Both offline class room sessions and online coaching is available.
  3. Flawlessly competent study material is offered to the students.
  4. Doubt solving sessions are provided to the students so that all their queries are answered well and doubts clarified in a manner so that the students gain crystal clear understanding of all that has been taught.
  5. The students are provided with unlimited samples and test series to gain sufficient practice.

All You Must Needs To Know

Batch Size60-75
Optional Courses SpecializationSpecialized in sociology, Geography, Political Science, History and Public Administration
Demo ClassesCheck their facilities over their Youtube Channel
IAS FacultiesWAC Grading: 8/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes
Training Materials, Recorded Videos and Test SeriesWAC Grading: 8/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates
Doubt SessionsStrong One-o-one Mentoring
ConnectivityWell connected with all public transport service
Hostel & PG FacilitiesAvailable
Library FacilityNot available.
Recent ToppersCheck on Website

Elite IAS Success Ratio

Quite a considerable number of the candidates have cleared the Civil Services Exam year after year. Some of them are listed below:

Ila Tripathi (AIR-51, 2016)

Elite IAS Fees structure 

Classroom IAS Coaching in Delhi Fees Structure

Upgraded Foundation Course: 2020-21Rs.2,21,000/-12 Month
General Studies Integrated CourseRs.1,81,000/-12 Month
3 Years Integrated Course – For UndergraduatesRs. 2,60,000/-36 Months
General Studies Mains + Prelims OnlyRs. 1,60,000/-10 Month
Optional SubjectsRs. 50,000/-4 – 5 Month
Online GS Foundation CourseRs. 72,850/-
Sociology Optional Video CourseRs. 35000/-

IAS Course Fee Structure For Online IAS Coaching

GS Video Course + Sociology Optional [Combo Course]Rs.92,180/- (Including GST)350 + 39
General Studies Video Course (With Study Materials)Rs.72,850/- (Including GST)350
GS Video Course Only (Without Study Materials)Rs.55,850/- (Including GST)350
Full Sociology Optional Course (With Study Materials)Rs.35000/- (Including GST)39
Sociology Optional (Only Videos)Rs.31000/- (Including GST)39

There are two Elite IAS coaching centers at Delhi

  1. Old Rajender Nagar: 11A/22, IInd Floor, Bada Bazaar Marg, Near Bikaner Sweets at Gol Chakkar, Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi – 110060 (Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh)
  2. Mukherjee Nagar: A-1 Chandra House, Top Floor, (Opposite ICICI Bank), Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi- 110009
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. website:
  5. Contact No.: 7065202020, 8899999931, 8899999934
Elite IAS Academy

2. Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching, Delhi

Vajiram & Ravi
Vajiram & Ravi

One of the Best IAS Coaching Institutions

The institution is well recognized as one of the best IAS coaching institutions in Delhi/NCR. It is among the oldest coaching institutions and has no other branch across the nation. Kanishk Kataria, Junaid Ahmad and Akshat Jain had been coached here only.

Admission Procedure

The students are required to fill the form online. The last few years have seen tremendous rush of the candidates desirous of getting enrolled here. As a result, the Civil Services aspirants are expected to grab the admission on the basis of the first come and the first grab. Thus, you have to be keeping an eye whenever the admissions begin online.

Courses Offered

There is the Exclusive GS program apart from the combined Program for GS + Optional. However, the fee charged is somewhat high. 

Fee Structure

Prelim –cum-Main – Batch 136 weeks160,000
Prelim –cum-Main – Batch 236 weeks160,000
Prelim –cum-Main – Batch 336 weeks160,000
Prelim –cum-Main – Batch 436 weeks160,000
Public Administration16 weeks50,000
Sociology16 weeks50,000
Psychology18 weeks50,000
Geography (Batch-I)16 weeks50,000
Geography (Batch-II)16 weeks50,000
Political Science & I.R. (Batch-I)16 weeks50,000
Political Science & I.R. (Batch-II)16 weeks50,000
Commerce & Accountancy16 weeks50,000
Anthropology16 weeks50,000
History16 weeks50,000
Economics16 weeks50,000


  1. Limited seats in the batches
  2. Two fresh class room programmes are begun with every year for the new students.
  3. Regular class tests, apart from the Mock Tests are conducted.
  4. The study material is highly competent for the preparation of the IAS Exam.

All You Must Need To Know

Batch Size350
Optional Courses SpecializationThe range of subjects offered here includes Public Administration, Sociology, History, Economics, Political Administration, Psychology, Commerce etc.
Demo ClassesCheck their facilities over their Youtube Channel
IAS FacultiesWAC Grading: 8/10
Training Materials, Recorded Videos and Test SeriesTraining Material: Yes | Recorded Videos: | Test Series: Yes
Guest SessionsNo data available
Doubt SessionsYes
ConnectivityWell connected with all public transport service. (Nearest metro station: Karol bagh)
Hostel & PG FacilitiesNot available
Library FacilityNot available
Recent Toppers8 out of 10 | Batch-2018


Most of the students from the institution clear the Exam. Some of the major achievers are listed below:

Kanishka Kataria (AIR-1, 2018)

Vajiram and Ravi Contact details 

  1. Address : 9/B, Bada bazar marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, close to Karol Bagh metro station, New Delhi 
  2. Contact number: 011-25820000, 25734058
  3. Website:
Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching, Delhi

3. Unique Shiksha IAS Institute

Unique Shiksha
Unique Shiksha

The modern teaching methods opted for by the IAS coaching institution have been providing the kind of the support system to the students that has been in congruence with the requirements of  UPSC as well as the IAS aspirants.

  • Eminent Faculty: The faculty comprises the experts for various subjects from the prominent institutions. Their guidance equips the students to crack the CSE with great competence.
  • Mentorship: These are the previously selected candidates who mentor the students. And the methodology chosen to do so further helps them score an edge over the competition for the Civil Services Exam.
  • Annual Study Plan: The Annual Study Plan designed by the institution is widely acclaimed. It integrates the class-study with the practice of self-study.
  • Recorded Classes: The learning process is quite modern. It enables the candidates to learn with greater ease than it would have been otherwise.
  • Study Material: It’s simply matchless. The study material is updated from time to time. Progressive Testing is employed to test the material continuously and keep it crisp and enriched with the relevant information for the IAS aspirants.
  • With only 100 students per class, maximum teacher student interaction is ensured.

The institution has been acclaimed as the best IAS coaching institute across India consecutively since 2016 by the Indian Education Awards, apart from various important media surveys.


Sachin Gupta, AIR 3

Fee Structure

Foundation Course75000
Optional Course40000
Self Study5000
Test Series3500

Contact Details 

  1. Address: 32B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi 
  2. Phone Number: +91 8287 360 360
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
Unique Shiksha IAS Institute

4. ALS Coaching

ALS IAS - Best IAS Coaching in Delhi
ALS IAS – Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

One of the best institutes for the IAS aspirants

Established before 25 years, the institution aims at initiating, enabling, and empowering the individuals to serve the country as outstanding Civil Servants.

The institution is committed to transform the students into highly developed personalities who can not only crack the competitive examinations, but also move ahead successfully towards their respective paths of career.

The Unique Learning Approach followed by the institution comprises various distinct stages including training programmes for IAS entrance, workshops, self-study, frequent class tests, answer writing sessions and self-evaluation. The study material is designed in a manner so that it supplements the classroom coaching effectively.

Also, the venture ALS Satellite Education Pvt. Ltd was started by ALS.  The Founder Directors are known to have taught approximately 50000 students as they have taught for more than 4 decades.

The institution aims at reaching out to the Civil Services aspirants across all over India by means of the flawless technology and the services. The students are allowed access to the web based portals. It helps them learn well beyond the classroom experience. The course plan is designed meticulously. Focus is laid on making the concepts clear and the schedules for the daily classes.

Learning aids as various audio-visual formats are provided to the students, apart from the study material. Tests are held as integral to the classroom programmes. And the evaluation takes place as per the standards of UPSC. Students are also provided with feedbacks concerning their performance.

The infrastructure is a high-tech one over 14000 sq. Ft. And the many classrooms are equipped with all the state of the art facilities.

All You Must Need To know

Batch Size200-350 students in a batch
Optional Courses SpecializationSpecialized in Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, History, Public Administration and Kannada Literature.
Demo ClassesCheck their facilities over their Youtube Channel
IAS FacultiesWAC Grading: 7/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes
Training Materials, Recorded Videos and Test SeriesWAC Grading: 6/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates
Guest SessionsNot available
Doubt SessionsStrong One-o-one Mentoring
ConnectivityWell connected with all public transport service
Hostel & PG FacilitiesAvailable
Library FacilityNo data available
Recent ToppersCheck on Website


Most of the students from the institution clear the Exam. Some of the major achievers are listed below:

Ira Singhal (All India Rank 1,2015)

Fee Structure

GS Foundation 2+ (2-Year Weekend Foundation + 1 Year GS Extensive)GS Foundation 1+ (1-Year Weekend Foundation + 1 Year GS Extensive)GS Foundation+ (2-Year Weekend Foundation For Undergraduate)
500 hours+900 hours Sessions1150 hours Sessions500 hours Sessions
Date of Commencement Admission OpenDate of Commencement Admission openDate of Commencement Admission open
Class Timings 01:30-05:30pmClass Timings 01:30-05:30pmClass Timings 01:30-05:30pm
Course Fee 251340Course Fee 221250Course Fee 120950
Discount Available YesDiscount Available YesDiscount Available Yes

Contact details 

  1. Address: 1st & 2nd Floor, Aggarwal Auto Mall,A-Block, Plot II, Shalimar Place,District Center, Outer Ring Road,Shalimar Bagh, Delhi- 110088 
  2. Phone Number: 011-27495600, 9311331331
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
ALS Coaching

5. Sriram’s IAS Coaching Delhi

Sriram’s IAS
Sriram’s IAS

Among the most experienced IAS coaching institutions in Delhi

Founded in 1993 by S. Sriram, the institution is dedicated to the mission of transforming its students into not only innovative, but also ethical leaders for the future. The classroom coaching sessions discuss every chapter in a way so that it appeals to a brilliant, above average, young and determined mind. Care is taken that a conceptual clarity be maintained. Besides, the students’ personalities are shaped in a manner so that India forms the center of their thoughts, focusing properly on the Current Affairs, of course.

The institution’s coaching sessions for the General Studies include:

  • Study Material
  • Test Series – both for the Prelims and Mains, and
  • Essay writing classes – without any extra charges

Coaching Features

  1. Personal Attention
  2. Effective Teaching
  3. Senior Faculty
  4. Adaptability to the changing trends
  5. Completely aligned Test Series with the UPSC Pattern helping the students stay ahead of the competition
  6. The curriculum of the institution includes discussing the questions requiring answers with critical insights in the class room.

All You Must Need To Know

Batch Size300
Optional Courses SpecializationSpecialized in Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology and Public Administration
Demo ClassesCheck their facilities over their Youtube Channel
IAS FacultiesWAC Grading: 6/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes
Training Materials, Recorded Videos and Test SeriesWAC Grading: 6/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates
Guest SessionsNo data available
Doubt SessionsNo data available
ConnectivityWell connected with all public transport service
Hostel & PG FacilitiesNot available
Library FacilityNo data available
Recent ToppersCheck on Website

Fee Structure

General Studies1,56000
All India Prelim Test Series3600
Main Test Series9500
Mains Optional Subject-HistoryPublic AdministrationAnthropologyPolitical ScienceSociologyRs. 50000
Interview Guidance500

Contact Details

  1. Address: 22 B, Bada Bazar Marg, Pusa Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
  2. Mobile number: 011-25825591, 011-42437002, and 9811489560
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
 Sriram’s IAS Coaching Delhi

6. Rau’s IAS Coaching

Rau's IAS Study Circle
Rau’s IAS Study Circle

Among the best coaching institutions for the Civil Services Exam

The institution was founded with the motive to put the students on the right track for learning, apart from keeping them reassuring of the support and company of the organization on the road to success.

The coaching sessions focus on the nature of preparation. Besides, the question patterns and the manner they should be answered is emphasized effectively. It evokes students’ interest to gain a better knowledge of various subjects in order to prepare well for the Civil Services Exam. Thus, the coaching institution sets the theme to prepare well for the CSE and equips the students for an effective preparation.

The faculty comprises educators with considerable experience, researchers sincerely dedicated to their job and competent administrators. Test Series is provided to the students after the first 15 days. Answering the Test Series is mandatory.

The tests are reviewed by the teachers concerned and scheduled after the first fortnight elapses. Once the students are made aware of the mistakes made by them, they may improve upon further so that they do not repeat the same mistakes again.

All You Must Need To Know

Batch SizeMaximum 90 students in a batch
This is the Key for their high success rate
Optional Courses SpecializationSpecialized in Geography, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, History, Science & Technology, Environment & Ecology, Biology and Public Administration
Demo ClassesCheck their facilities over their Youtube Channel
IAS FacultiesWAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes
Training Materials, Recorded Videos and Test SeriesWAC Grading: 10/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates
Guest SessionsRegular Motivating Session from past Raus IAS Alumni
Doubt SessionsStrong One-o-one Mentoring
ConnectivitySituated at the heart of the City. Well connected with all public transport service
Hostel & PG FacilitiesGood Network | Rely on them
Library FacilityYes, they have their own in-house Library Facilities
Recent Toppers30 in top 100 in UPSC 2018-19


UNAID AHMAD(All India Rank 3,2018)

Fees Structure

Registration Fee– Rs 500
OPTIONAL SUBJECTS FOR the MAIN EXAMAdmission Fee – Rs 48,000
Registration Fee– Rs 500
TEST SERIES & QIP (PRE 2019)Admission Fee – Rs 9,500
For Rau’s ex-students – Rs Rs 4,500
Test Series Only – Rs 5,500
(no QIP)
TEST SERIES & QIP (MAINS 2018)Admission Fee – Rs 16,500
For Rau’s ex-students – Rs 10,500
Test Series Only – Rs 8,500
(no QIP)
2 Mocks + 1 Personal sitting
Variant 2: Rs 500
1 Mock Interview + 1 Personal sitting
For Rau’s ex-Students – Rs 8,500

Contact Details 

  1. Address: 309, Kanchenjunga building, 18 Barakhamba Road, Connaught place, New Delhi
  2. Phone Number: 011-23317293, 23318135
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
 Rau’s IAS Coaching

7. Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya IAS Academy
Chanakya IAS Academy

Among the best coaching institutions for CSE Prelims and Mains

The Academy was founded by AK Mishra in 1993. It is one of the premier institutions for the preparation of IAS.  Highly qualitative teaching and paying individual attention to all its students are its hallmark. The academy aims at developing a competitive attitude, apart from a good academic base for its students.

The institution organizes workshops and seminars with the help of soft skill experts and Civil Servants. Thus, the students are trained well to think and express themselves like the administrators do.

The institution greatly emphasizes leadership development, social responsibility, ethics, and the mind power development in order to ensure that the bureaucrats of the coming tomorrows do not encounter any moral and/or ethical bankruptcy.

There are two centers of the academy in Delhi at present. Besides, there is one each at Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Ranchi, Chandigarh, Patna, Hazaribagh, Guwahati, Allahabad, and Jammu.

The study material provided to the students is one of the best. It is prepared by the most sought after of the faculty. Besides, the content is updated regularly and the pedagogy is also modified suitably.

Courses offered

  • Upgraded Foundation Course (1/2/3 years)
  • Test Series (Prelims & Mains)
  • Interview Guidance Program
  • Correspondence Course


Rishi Raj(All India Rank 27,2017)

Fee Structure

General studies Mains (GS mains)90,000
GS Mains60,000
Any 1 Optional Subject out of LAW, POLITICAL SCIENCE, HISTORY45,000
UPGRADED FOUNDATION COURSE – GS (Prelims Cum Mains) & Essay147,000
UPGRADED FOUNDATION COURSE – GS (Prelims Cum Mains), Essay + CSAT157,000

Contact Details 

  1. Address: 124, 2nd floor, Satya Niketan,Opposite Venky College,Near Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi -110021
  2. Phone Number: 011-64504615, 65428647
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
Chanakya IAS Academy

8. Vajirao & Reddy Institute

Vajirao Institute® No.1 UPSC/IAS Coaching in Delhi
Vajirao Institute® No.1 UPSC/IAS Coaching in Delhi

Among the best coaching faculty in Delhi for CSE

The institution has been there for more than 20 years. It has gained a recognition for being one of the best IAS coaching institutions in Delhi. It focuses on its mission not only to impart knowledge, but to produce the maximum number of the Civil Servants from Delhi.

The faculty is amazingly supportive to the students. No wonder, they are the talk of the town. Besides, guiding the students untiringly, all of the faculty members enjoy a strong hold over their subjects.


Srushti Jayant Deshmukh(All India Rank 5,2018)

Fee Structure

Complete Course (GS Pre Cum Mains + CSAT, Optional Subject)Rs.1,98,500/-11 Month
Pre Cum Mains (GS Pre Cum Mains + CSAT)Rs.1,75,000/-10 Month
Foundation CourseRs.235000/-36 Months
Optional SubjectRs.48000/-04 & Half Month
Weekend Course (GS Pre Cum Mains)Rs. 125000/-15 Months

Contact Details 

  1. Address: 19/1 A, Shakti Nagar, near Delhi University, New Delhi
  2. Mobile Numbers: 9999458938, 8171181080 
  3. E-mail: [email protected]
  4. Website: 
 Vajirao & Reddy Institute

9. KSG – Khan Study Group

KSG – Khan Study Group
KSG – Khan Study Group

Among the best IAS coaching institutions in Delhi

Khan study group was founded in 2008 by the eminent scholar Dr. AR Khan. It has come to be widely recognized within a decade only. Quite a number of the students coached at KSG have been working as IAS, IPS and bureaucrats at present.


  1. The relevant blogs for the CSE are updated at their website from time to time.
  2. The teachers and the staff are simply amazing.
  3. The faculty is experienced and knowledgeable.
  4. Sufficient samples and Test series are provided to the students. And the study material is simply indispensable.

Courses offered

  • General Studies
  • CSAT
  • Weekend Batches
  • Public Administration
  • Distance Learning Programme


Dinesh Kumar (All India Rank 6,2016)

Fee Structure

General StudiesRs 1,37,000 + 10,500 (CSAT) = 1,47,500
Weekend BatchesN/A
Public AdministrationRs 45,000
Distance Learning ProgrammeRs 41,200

Contact Details 

  1. Address: 2521, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar, Near GTB Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi
  2. Phone Number: 011-45170303, 9717380832 
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
 Khan Study Group

10. Vedanta IAS Academy

Vedanta IAS Academy
Vedanta IAS Academy

The academy is one of the units of the Vedanta Group of Institutions. It was founded in 1997 by SP Verma, a renowned Social Worker and scholar.

The faculty is simply excellent from several institutions across the nation. Batch strengths are always kept under check so that all of the students receive proper attention of the faculty.

The institution keeps innovating almost continuously so that the students are capable of realizing their dreams by the Interactive learning system, efficient use of technology and teamwork.

Besides, the institution imparts self confidence and develops the right kind of the skills in the students so that they beat the competition easily. Also, the institution makes use of the time tested ways to supplement the diligence of the students with a clever approach to crack the Exam.


G.S(Pre+Mains) CSAT Eassy Language1,20,000/-21,600/-1,41,600/-1,13,280/-

Contact Details 

  1. Address: D-11/156 sec-8,Rohini East, Metro Station Pillar No-389, Rohini, Delhi- 110085
  2. Phone Number: 011-45623302, 9911843333 
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:
Vedanta IAS Academy

How To Prepare For The UPSC Exam?

The best manner that you can opt for preparing for the UPSC Exam is that you get yourself enrolled at the best IAS coaching academy in Delhi.

Delhi is widely considered to be the Mecca for the educated Indian youths aspiring to join the Indian Administrative Services. Candidates simply rush to Delhi in huge multitudes to prepare for the CSE conducted by the Union Public Service Commission every year. The Indian capital provides the much required milieu for the preparation of the Civil Services Exam.

1. Join the best IAS coaching in Delhi

Getting enrolled at the best IAS coaching academy in Delhi is usually considered to be the easiest way to crack the Civil Services Exam.

A competent IAS coaching institution helps the students crack the CSE in multiple ways. However, it should be noted that none of the goals worth achieving can ever be realized without firm determination and making the best of the efforts.
An IAS coaching institution, even the best one, may only provide you with all the best facilities required to crack the CSE within the very first attempt. Thus, the academy can help you prepare, but it is you who is finally going to face the Exam.
But the consideration to be made is that how does an IAS coaching institution help the aspirants crack the Civil Services Exam.

The faculties at most of the UPSC coaching institutions in Delhi are usually excellent. Besides, the beginners who are going to face the CSE for the first time should make it a point to get themselves enrolled at a competent IAS coaching institution.
Doing so would definitely save a lot of their time. A huge number of the first timers usually do not have a clue to how to begin with the preparation for the IAS Exam. They are usually at a loss, absolutely confused, not having a good idea concerning how and where to begin.

However, a flawlessly competent IAS coaching academy does come to the rescue of the aspirants beginning from the basics while coaching the students. Besides, the students stand to gain for the coaching institution sees to it that they get all the information required to clear the CSE.

2. Clear the CSE through Self-study 

Provided you get the suitable guidance, you may also clear the Civil Services Exam by self-study. However, it would require you maintain an unwavering focus.

You would find yourself studying for 6 to 7 hours almost every day so that you may prepare the complete syllabus. Besides, time management skills are highly crucial in order to complete the syllabus on time. Apart from studying hard, being absolutely determined to realize the goal is the key to success when it comes to facing the IAS Exam.

And it is best to keep in mind that even the huge majority opting for a highly competent IAS coaching institution also studies hard in order to clear the CSE.

3. Read NCERT

The IAS aspirants are usually advised to read the NCERT books from 6th to 12th std. And it is a highly time consuming exercise.

It should be noted that most of the IAS aspirants do get unnerved in the initial stages of the preparation. However, once you begin to establish a good pace of learning, you will find yourself preparing well for the Exam as you would be getting more confident gradually.

It is advisable not to forget that reading the NCERT books forms the basics for the IAS Exam preparation.

4. Limit Your Resources 

Limit the resources you are going to use in order to prepare for the IAS Exam. An IAS aspirant, specifically a book lover who simply adores to read might be tempted to keep reading! However, the point to be noted is that you do must complete preparing the UPSC syllabus. And that is quite vast. Thus, in order to manage the time to complete preparing the entire syllabus, it is advisable that you limit your resources. Finalize all the resources you are going to study from. And make the selective reading(s).

5. Chart Out a Study Plan

Charting out a daily study plan and adhering to the same helps you prepare more competently. Though following the daily study routine may curb your easy flexible schedule, it a highly competent way to prepare well for the IAS Exam.

But, care should be taken that the study plan prepared by you should be practically efficient helping you prepare well for the Exam. Thus, it is advisable to prepare a well thought of study plan rather than charting it out in a careless manner.

Also, it is best not succumb to the peer pressure. A study plan that is good for your friends might not be efficient for you. So, chart out a study plan as per your own requirements.

Besides, it’s good to take down the notes for what you study. It might be a laborious task, but would help you make effective reasons within brief spans of time. And it is going to be a great advantage specifically when the IAS Exam is approaching fast!

Role of an IAS Officer

The IAS officers, responsible for the entire districts (referred to as the District Collectors) are looked upon with great respect by the government of India. The IAS officers manage the government affairs and make and implement the government policies with the help from the Ministries. The IAS officers also supervise various plans and the policies. Besides, at the higher echelons, they are also responsible for the implementation of the funds.

The journey of an IAS officer

The beginning sees an IAS officer joining the state administration at the sub-divisional levels. Resuming as a sub-divisional magistrate sees them looking after the:

  • Administration
  • Development
  • Law and order

A responsible IAS officer contributes to the development of the nation

By now, you would have got a clear idea of the extent an IAS officer helps to contribute to the development of the nation. Thus, a competent IAS coaching academy serves the nation by helping to provide efficient Civil Servants.

What is the UPSC Exam? 

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the CSE i.e., the Civil Services Exam every year. It is also known as the UPSC Exam or the IAS Exam. However, various other Exams are also conducted by UPSC that are listed after a few paragraphs.

The UPSC Exam is widely recognized as the toughest of the tough all across India. However, a huge majority of the candidates apply for the same year after year.

UPSC has a reputation for recruiting the Civil Servants in a highly impartial manner. The candidates who are selected work with the Indian government. The candidates who clear the Civil Services Exam successfully join various cadres including IAS, IRS, IPS etc. Besides, working for the government, they get to serve the society.

Various stages of the Civil Services Exam

There are 3 phases in CSE:

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Interview

Thus, one may see that clearing the complete CSE takes a lot of time as you have to clear all the three stages.

The Prelims comprises two Papers. Both carry Objective Type Questions. And both the General Studies and the CSAT paper carry 200 marks each. As the first stage, i.e., the Prelims is the qualifying stage, the candidate must clear to proceed further with the Mains. However, the score in the Prelims is not added in the total for it is the qualifying stage only

The subjective type Mains carries 1750 marks

Clearing all the papers in the Mains is highly important if you want to be called for the Interview by UPSC. Besides, you are required to score well so that you get a good rank when UPSC declares the result for CSE. It is only a high scorer who is allowed by the Union Public Service Commission to join the Indian Administrative Services.

Finally comes the Interview

It is the last stage. It carries 275 marks. UPSC makes use of the last stage to make an assessment of the candidate’s personality. The knowledge has already been tested in the first two stages. Assessing the candidate’s personality helps UPSC find if he is the right kind of the candidate to be recruited as the Civil Servant.

When does UPSC conduct the Exam? 

The registrations for the CSE begin in the first week of February and continue up to the end of March. The first stage of the Exam begins in May – June.

The Mains papers are conducted in September. The result is declared in the month of December.

Why Union Public Service Commission? 

The Civil Services provide the employees with the following benefits:

  1. You get power and are respected by the society as well.
  2. You are authorized to solve the public issues.
  3. You may work at the grass root level for the society.
  4. A government job with a decent salary makes you feel secure.
  5. You get tremendous satisfaction as you work for the society.

Job positions made available by the UPSC Exam

The jobs that you may look for after clearing the UPSC are categorized as:

  1. Central Services jobs
  2. State Services jobs 

It is a myth that you may function as an IAS or IPS officer only after you clear the CSE. However, there are many other posts available.

Apart from the CSE, UPSC also conducts various other Exams including:

  1. Central Police Forces
  2. Engineering Services Examination
  3. Geo-Scientist and Geologists examination
  4. Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination
  5. Combined Defence Services Examination(CDS)
  6. NDA-National Defence & Naval Academy

The major Central apart from the State Services Jobs that you may join after clearing the UPSC CSE

  1. IAS- Indian Administrative Service
  2. IPS- Indian Police Service
  3. IRS- Indian Revenue Service
  4. IFS- Indian Foreign Service
  5. Indian Railway Traffic Service-IRTS
  6. ITS- Indian Trade Service
  7. Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service-AFHQ

What is it that plays a key role to your success?

It is toughest of the tough Exam. And the competition is hardest of the hard. You should be determined, focused and guided in the right manner if you want to crack the UPSC Exam. And it is only a highly competent IAS coaching institution that can provide you with the right kind of the guidance. Otherwise, all your determination and focus might be rendered useless. The competent IAS coaching institutions not only coach well because they have a team of efficient teachers, but they also provide the students with a competent study material.  

A Word of Caution

Though getting yourself enrolled in an IAS coaching institution is highly important, self study is also essential, nay indispensable. Unless and until you focus on self-study, you would not be able to seek the guidance from the faculty members to prepare in a competent manner.

Thus, the right kind of the IAS coaching institution and the sincere habit of self-study, both play an important role when it comes to clear the UPSC Exam.

And choosing the best IAS coaching institution is a task that should be accomplished with great care. It is none other than the UPSC Exam. So, it is advisable to look for the best IAS coaching Institution.

The TOP 10 IAS COACHING INSTITUTIONS specified below would help you opt easily.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Question 1. Is it mandatory to visit Delhi to prepare for the IAS Exam?

Answer : No, it is not mandatory. However, it should always be kept in mind that UPSC Civil Services Exam requires to study you in the hardest of the hard ways. Besides, only studying hard would be far from sufficient. 

A lot more is required to crack the IAS Exam in the first go itself. And the truth is that there are a great many of the candidates who simply cannot realize their goal even when they avail of the maximum number of the attempts allowed by UPSC.

As a result, you would need to opt for a smarter approach apart from studying hard for the Exam. Thus, you need to seek the right kind of the guidance to do the same. 

And that makes you visit Delhi that happens to be the hub of the preparation for the Civil Services Exam. And you would easily come across a number of competent IAS coaching institutions to prepare for the Exam in a successful manner.

At an IAS Coaching Academy, the students are provided with competent study material, coaching sessions and even mentorship. The faculty members are well equipped to opt for the right kind of the strategies to help you crack the CSE and score high enough to beat the competition.

So, if you consider all the practical perspectives to make your preparation for the IAS Exam highly competent, yes, you should visit Delhi and get enrolled at a competent IAS coaching Institution. 

Question 2. How far does it pay to attend the coaching sessions for the IAS Exam?

Answer : Of course, it does help. And to a far greater extent than you might have thought of initially! First of all, the depth of the Syllabus that UPSC prescribes for the Civil Services Exam is enough to scare an IAS aspirant to no end. Next, if you look at the competition, the striking difference between the huge numbers of the Civil Services aspirants applying for the CSE and those who actually clear it is enough to convey how hard the competition is going to be! 

Thus, you would need to be guided in a flawlessly competent manner if you are keen on beating the competition. And attending coaching sessions at an IAS coaching institution would definitely help you do the same. 

Question 3. Which is the best IAS Coaching Academy in Delhi?

Answer : There is no general rule that whatever is best for an individual would be the same for another as well. However, when it comes to generalizing for all, it is advisable to consider the requirements faced by most of the IAS aspirants.

And Elite IAS Academy scores an edge over most of the coaching institutions concerning the same as:

  1. It offers both offline as well as online mode of coaching.
  2. Both English and Hindi mediums are available for the courses.
  3. Coaching is available for the students from the economically weaker sections also free of cost as per Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojana. 
  4. The Founder of the Academy, Mr. Bibhash Sharma, reputed teacher of Sociology has been teaching himself. Needless to say, the Academy has been doing exceptionally well under his guidance. Many of the students under his guidance have cracked the CSE and have been functioning as efficient Civil Servants. 

Question 4 . Which cadre should one opt for?

Answer : UPSC offers various cadres to the successful candidates. However, it is no secret that Indian Administrative Services are the most coveted ones out of all others. The power and the prestige that an IAS officer is bestowed upon are simply matchless.

However, if you have the zeal to serve the country as a Civil Servant, you should ask yourself what is it that suits you the most? The majority dreams of joining IAS. But, that of course does not imply that you have to follow what others do.

Think well where does your own interest lie? If you find that you would be more comfortable in the Police or Revenue Services, you may very well think of joining IPS or IRS respectively. And the same reason can be applied for other cadres as well. 

Questions 5 . How much does the IAS coaching cost in Delhi?

Answer . Well, there is no specific answer for the same. Each of the competent IAS coaching institutions in Delhi charge differently. Besides, once you reach from your native place, you would be required to look for the accommodation as well. As a result, the total cost would be known to you only after considering all the expenses. The websites of various IAS coaching institutions can give you the exact figures with precision. 

Questions 6 . Which of the IAS coaching organizations in Delhi has an affordable fee structure?

Answer. It depends upon your own budget and several other factors as well. For example, what is the duration of the course you are going to opt for?  And it’s a detail you can get to know from the websites of various IAS coaching institutions with precision.

Questions 7. Which is the nearest IAS coaching institution for me in Delhi?

Answer . Once you find a suitable accommodation in Delhi, you may get all the address details for various reputed IAS coaching institutions from across the Internet. Depending upon where you choose to reside in Delhi, you may find the nearest located IAS coaching institution. 

Questions 8. Can an Average Student Clear IAS Exam?

Yes, but he would have to strategize well. However, strategy counts for almost any Exam under the Sun. But, it is none other than the IAS Exam. And the strategy is of paramount importance.

Besides, by means of an average and above average student, people, and including the IAS aspirants of course, usually think in terms of the knowledge. However, that is one of the greatest myths that shroud the Civil Services Exam in a number of mysteries.

The truth is that the IAS Exam aims at looking for the potential administrators rather than great scholars. You, as an IAS officer, that is to say, if selected by UPSC for the same, would be administering the society and not delivering lectures in front of the Ph.D. scholars.

So, it is your complete personality that counts. If you possess a well developed personality, you can definitely clear the CSE, however studying well does count and should not be ignored at any cost.

Questions 8. Which IAS Coaching is Best in Delhi?

There is no simple solution to the query. The IAS coaching institution that is best for a candidate may very well turn out to be the worst for another. Every candidate has a unique personality of his own. And so his requirements to prepare for the CSE also vary.

The point to be noted is that you should consider all your requirements before finalizing the IAS coaching institution that you would like to get yourself enrolled at. Consider:

  • Course material
  • Faculty
  • Distance from your residence
  • Fee
  • Query solving sessions
  • The track record of the institution. Etc.

The criteria given above would help you find the best IAS coaching institution.

And do not succumb to the peer pressure.

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