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What is Satta king or Satta Matka Game? Playing it online is legal or illegal.

Satta Matka: Satta King, popularly known as Satta Matka, is a variant of a lottery game that you can either play online or offline in India. The history of Satta Matka can be traced back to pre-independence India when bets were placed on the concluding and opening prices of cotton transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange. The rates of transmission took place via teleprinters. The two most popular commonly organized categories of Satta Matka include ‘Kalyan’ and ‘Worli.’ The Kalyan Matka gambling began in 1962 when Bhagat – a Gujarati farmer – came up with the idea to start a gambling session, which lasted for seven days. Likewise, the New Worli Matka started in 1964 when Rattan Khatri altered some of the lottery rules and regulations. The Worli variant of Satta Matta continued for five days a week and was shut down on Saturdays and Sundays. Now that we have touched upon the rudimentary aspects of Satta Matka let us see how it is played.


The modern-day form of King Satta Matka is premised upon the random selection of a number by participating in a lottery. The winner of Satta Matka is the person who guesses the correct number and is then rewarded with a pre-determined sum of money. The offline variant of Satta Matka is most prevalent in Maharashtra. When we come to playing Satta King fast online, there is a catch and comprises the following steps –

  • Number Picking – The first step in playing Satta King online is to pick three numbers from zero to nine. For example, if three, five, and six are your random picks, they are added to form a final Satta Matka number. Therefore, your final Satta Matka number is 14 in this case. However, you can use only the last digit of the final number, which is 4. Therefore, your first draw would be 5, 3, 6 x 4. After that, you have to draw the second set of numbers precisely the same way you did the first one. For instance, you pick the numbers 8, 2, and 8, which gives us the ultimate result of 18. Then, again, we have to use the last digit, so the final pick of our second set of numbers will be 8, 2, 2 x 8. Thus, our final card turns out to be 5, 3, 6 x 4 X 8, 2, 8 x 8.
  • Winning the Game – To win at Satta Matka, you will receive several payouts, ranging from 9/ to 999/1. Thus, you can bet on the chance of all numbers coming up to the first, last, or any other type of wager permitted by the Matka gambling bookie. It is in such a context that Satta Matka can become a feasible game. However, it is noteworthy to remember that ultimately Satta Matka is a game of chance and luck. 

Let us look at an example of a 20 Rupees Satta King wager-

  • You choose the correct first number drawn: 9 X your wager amount of 20 = 190 Rs.
  • Then your second number is drawn, which is 9 X your wager of 20 rs = 180 rupees.
  • Finally, you choose the middle number, also known as the ‘Jodi,’ and the first number incorrect combination – 90 X your wager = 1800 Rs.

Now that we know how to play Satta Satta King Up, let’s dovetail into its other details.


To begin with, the Satta betting agent should charge a maximum of 5 percent of your wager amount, provided that you win the game. As Satta King is all about, neither you nor your agent has an unfair advantage. Likewise, the bookie should also take a maximum of 5 percent on every wager. It would be ideal if you remembered that heavy bettering on a certain number or a combination of numbers could be dangerous and reckless. In case the numbers do come up, it is likely that your bookie will disappear, as he cannot afford to cover the wager amount. Satta Matka is available for online playing via App Store and Play store. If you prefer an offline Satta Matka game, visit your nearest bet outlet and check for results. Although there are a plethora of Satta King games available online, the most popular ones are –

  • Ghaziabad Satta King
  • Gali Satta King
  • Delhi Satta KingFaridabad Satta King
  • Disawar Satta King

You can check the game’s result, which comes out from midnight with the outcome of Gali Satta coming at 12.02 am, followed by the result of Disawar at 5 am and SS Gold at 1.10 pm.


In India, gambling is constitutionally a state subject. Thus, certain states permit lottery with casinos within their territory, and others do not. For example, Goa, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Northeastern states except Tripura permit gambling or lottery in some form or the other. When it comes to offline Satta Matka, it is illegal via the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was legislated during British rule in India. However, after independence, India decided to stick to the law, whereas Pakistan gave it away post-partition. Offline Satta Matka can bring you a fine of INR 100 to 300 and rigorous imprisonment of up to one month. Moreover, repeat offenders are liable to pay a fine of between INR 200 to 500 and receive rigorous imprisonment for one to six months. However, when we talk about online Satta King, various dimensions and nuances come to the forefront.


Although gambling is illegal in India, online Satta Matka lies in the grey zone of the Indian legalese. From time to time, you can witness several apps prop up under the pretext of playing sports games, where you can wager a certain amount of money. Satta King plays around with the legal connotations of online gambling in India by the ‘fine prints’ or ‘ambiguity’ around the legalese. Thus, although Satta is not legal in India, it is still prominent in business. Lotteries have become lucrative online getaways because the affair can be elevated to an international level. In other words, those playing from India can leverage their bets by only picking lottery cards from places where the jackpot is the highest.


In conclusion, it would not be erroneous to say that online gambling is illegal in India. However, judicial dictums are not black and white measures. Thus, online gambling lotteries like Satta King persist and prosper within the digital realm and survive by tugging onto the inherent ambiguity of law itself.

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