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How does reading the Yojana Magazine contribute to the preparation for the IAS Exam?


Yojana Magazine

Every reading of the Yojana Magazine yields considerably for the preparation of the IAS Exam. It is not for no reason that the IAS aspirants find the  Magazine highly dependable. It is a monthly publication produced by the Government of India. As a result, the information provided by it is authentic and can even be quoted while you face the Civil Services Exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. And obviously, the  Magazine also presents the opinions of the Government of India on various issues that each publication of the  Magazine comprises.

Why should an IAS aspirant read the Yojana Magazine?

Well, there is no dearth of the reasons concerning why should you read the Yojana Magazine? However, the major ones are specified below:

  1. It conveys the Government’s opinions on an issue: As it has already been emphasized above, each issue of the Yojana Magazine reflects the Government’s stand on numerous issues. Apart from that, the reader also gets benefitted by a reasonable analysis supported by data for the same. 
  2. Sharpens the Answer Writing Skills: Regularly reading the Yojana Magazine helps the IAS aspirants sharpen their answer writing skills to a considerable extent. As a result, the candidates find themselves facing various papers for the Mains CSE with greater ease and confidence. 

Consequently, you can write answers in a manner that is more logically convincing than what it might have been otherwise. In the same vein, it would also leave a highly positive impact on your performance in the Interview, apart from answering the Papers for Mains specifically the General Studies Papers and the Essay Paper. 

  • Covers a sizeable part of the UPSC CSE syllabus: The Yojana Magazine covers a sizeable part of the syllabus for the UPSC Civil Services Exam specifically for the four General Studies Papers (GS I – GS IV) for the Mains. And it is worth noting that the Yojana Magazine presents various issues as co-related to all the perspectives in a logically convincing manner by various people from different backgrounds.
  • Authentic information concerning various Government schemes: The Yojana Magazine also provides authentic information concerning various government initiatives including the policy initiatives, apart from various government schemes. 

How to optimize your reading of the Yojana Magazine?


Optimizing your reading of the Yojana Magazine is highly effective for you would need a dynamic resource when you aim at clearing none other than the IAS Exam. It is far from being logically convincing to rely upon the static resources to prepare for CSE. 

With the changing requirements to clear the Civil Services Exam, it is advisable to rely upon a dynamic source such as the Yojana Magazine. The changes produced at times by the Union Public Service Commission both in the syllabus of the CSE as well as the Exam pattern (e.g., the types of the questions) cannot be faced by a candidate if he refers to a static resource. 

Consequently, it would be in the best of the interests of all the IAS aspirants that they read/hear the news not only keeping all the socio-economic perspectives in mind, but also with a deep insight into the same. It will help you perform in a highly competent manner when you face the Civil Service Exam. 

How can you read the Yojana Magazine in the best possible way for the CSE 2020?

Reading the Yojana Magazine goes a long way concerning your preparation for the CSE. The syllabus prescribed by UPSC for the CSE seems to be as vast as an ocean. Thus, reading the Yojana Magazine helps you get selective rather than reading all that catches your fancy. It is advisable to adhere to the syllabus as there is no scope for any diversions. Being diverted means being left with no time to complete preparing the entire syllabus on time and keep a provision for the revisions as well. 

Why read Yojana Magazine only rather than any other publication? 


Yojana Magazine scores an edge over most of other publications in a number of ways. The major ones are specified below:

  • The data, statistics, facts etc., in brief, all the details and the information that the Magazine provides are authentic and hence, credible. Thus, you may even quote the details while facing the Civil Services Exam for the Yojana Magazine is published by the I&B, Ministry of Information&Broadcasting, Government of India. 
  • The articles that the Magazine comprises present well balanced views taking all the valid perspectives into account from the experts e.g., the Niti Aayog members. 
  • The Magazine  is always available at an affordable price. 
  • The themes for various monthly issues for the Yojana Magazine are India-centric, besides being socio-economic. 

How to read the Yojana Magazine in accordance with the syllabus for the CSE?

It is the IAS aspirant himself who is required to read the Magazine in a manner so that the reading(s) help him face the Civil Services Exam competently. The point to be noted is that the Yojana Magazine is not published by the Govenemnt of India with the objective of helping the Civil Services aspirants clear the CSE. 

But, considering various perspectives for the Civil Services Exam, it is advisable to read the Yojana Magazine if you want to make your preparation for the CSE successful. Besides, reading the Magazine would also help save you time, specifically if you are running short of it, in case you are not taking down and compiling notes for the socio-economic issues. 

Besides, making the following considerations would contribute further to make your preparation for the CSE successful:

  • It is advisable to read at least 12-15 issues of the Yojana Magazine for a successful preparation of the CSE. UPSC would be conducting the Mains for the CSE 2020 in September. Thus, it would be good to read the issues of the Magazine from July 2019 onwards. 
  • As has already been specified earlier, the Magazine issues are based on specific themes. Thus, each of the issues, as per the theme, not only provides the relevant information, but also helps the reader cultivate a sharp insight to visualize the same in a logical manner and as co-related to various relevant factors. 

And, in order to optimize your reading of the Yojana Magazine, it would be advisable to keep your basic concepts crystal clear. And reading the NCERT books for the same would be a great help. It will serve as an added advantage when you gain clarity of the basic concepts for it would help you understand the details in the Magazine better. 

Moreover, if you are a smart reader, you would definitely like to take down notes both from the NCERT books as well as the Magazine. It will certainly help you score an edge over the competition. 

  • An IAS aspirant should not forget to carefully go through the note from the Chief Editor’s desk that you would come across at the beginning of each of the issues. You would discover for yourself that reading the note would help set the right kind of the tone for reading the complete issue of the Magazine.
  • Besides, reading the note would also help you co-relate various Government initiatives with each other. Thus, it helps the reader establish a link among the numerous Government issues. To top it all, the theme of every issue and the balanced perspectives, apart from various other factors make the Yojana Magazine almost indispensable for the preparation of the Civil Services Exam. 
  • It is in the best interests of the reader, specifically if he happens to be an IAS aspirant, to read the Magazine repeatedly. Besides, your reading would be more effective if you focus on the headings and the sub-headings, apart from the highlighted points and the bullets. 
  • Also, it is advisable to carefully go through the past years’ question papers for the Civil Services Exam. It will give you get a clear idea of the types of the questions that you might have to answer while you face the Civil Services Exam. And it would contribute to your reading of the Yojana Magazine for you will read the same in the relevant perspective that would help you not only clear the Civil Services Exam, but also score higher than the competition. 
  • It is only logical that you identify various topics, first of all, that you need to read and study about. Now proceed further with the sub-headings, keywords etc. Next comes categorizing it all based on the Papers for the Mains, CSE. 

It will be good to illustrate the point further by means of an example. If one of the issues of the Magazine carries the theme of unemployment, the articles might deal with (either partially or absolutely):

  • demographic dividend(s)
  • organised and unorganised sectors in the Indian economy and the problems therein
  • various government initiatives for direct or indirect promotion of employment ( Skill certification, MSME growth etc.)
  • employment scenarios analysed in the rural as co-related to the urban dichotomy/continuum
  • co-relation of health and education with employment, etc.

And it is highly motivating for an IAS aspirant to know that the UPSC syllabus for the Civil Services Exam also covers numerous development issues for the Paper for GS-I, Mains. Similarly, there are numerous Government schemes that would be relevant to study for GS-II as per the requirements of the syllabus. Also, the same applies to the Indian Economy for GS-III. And who has ever said that you may ignore socio-economic developments in the country for the Essay paper. 

Again, if you read the Yojana Magazine, you also stand to gain concerning your preparation for the Prelims, and the final stage i.e., the Interview. Also, as we have seen, while preparing for the Mains, your preparation gets a great boost from your readings of the Magazine. It has already been specified above with respect to the GS Papers (there are 4 of them, each carrying 250 marks) and the Essay Paper (250 marks). 

What not to read while reading the Yojana Magazine

Well, we have seen what should be focussed upon while reading the Yojana Magazine. It is also important to know what not to read. Time is precious and runs out fast! And an IAS aspirant should always know how to manage the time well. It will help you be selective. As a result, you would be able to prepare well managing your time well and even make a provision for the time to make revisions. 

Here is what to avoid while reading the Yojana Magazine


Selective reading helps not only to manage the time better, but also to retain the facts and all the relevant information in the memory for longer than usual spans of time. Besides, it helps add to your confidence. And that’s the greatest factor that would help you face the Civil Services Exam with ease, a relaxed mind and the ability (above all) to recall the information required in the quickest manner.

Thus, it would definitely contribute to know what to avoid apart from what should be read. Given below is a list of the topics that are better avoided for the reasons specified above.

  1. The location(s)  where a specific technology or concept was applied for the first time.
  • Transformation of the Rural India by employing one or more of the digital technologies
  • Non-communicable diseases vs. Development in India
  • Any inconvenient facts concerning child health

   2. Individual achievements that are over-emphasized.

  And there is an old adage that practice makes a man perfect. Thus, the more you    read, the nearer you are to crack the Civil Services Exam. 

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